Death Maps

Americans, Iraqis, British, people of all nations are dying in Iraq, this is not good. The situation in Iraq is nowhere near good, in fact things are only getting worse. So why does this post exist on a website that is dedicated good things?

The Palm Beach Post has provided a map of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another site Casualty-Maps shows conflict-related deaths. A third site is another visualization of deaths, but shown where the casualty was in Iraq.

The good thing that comes from these sites is that they are educating Americans (and others) about the cost of war. These maps are limited insofar that they show only American deaths and fail to represent Iraqi casulaties. By making the statistics easier to understand it allows for faster communication of a complicated issue. Support for the war is at an all-time low and these sites may help explain why.

I would like to see a an Iraqi death map to follow up with these maps. A site that provides graphs such as the financial cost of the war, the human cost, and the environmental costs all in a easy to read fashion would be great to send to all those pro-war people. Anything that proves that war is a negative thing is good to me – thus this post.

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