Band of the Month: Ween

Hi readers, February’s band is Ween!

Conceived in New Hope, Pennsylvania by Gene and Dean Ween, Ween has achieved tremendous underground success with a cult following that has taken their music all over the world, yet has never really become well known in mainstream American pop music.

Despite being generally referred to as Rock Music, Ween reaches a quite extensive variety of genres, bridging rock, funk, soul, electronic, psychedelic, just to name a few. As well as being musically proficient, Ween has a noticeably strong element of absurdity and quirky humor.

If you haven’t heard them before, or if it’s just been a while, give em a go by checking out the link below!

Who doesn’t love a good song and a smile.

Band of the Month by Greg O’Toole

Band of the Month: The Nursery

Happy New Year!

This months band is The Nursery.

Riddled with unforgettable guitar and synth driven hooks, in an impeccably well organized fusion of soulful, oddball pop-rock and dreamy folk, The Nursery stand alone and defy genres with their upbeat sound. Tied together by lyrical and vocal prowess, their songs are cohesive and ear catching.
Carnival Nature, the band’s first album is a perfect summary of their quirky catchiness. Laden with unorthodox instrumental splashes of sound effects, The Nursery hone an experience that is truly carnival nature.

Check them out below, and on stage Jan 30th at Bovine Sex Club in Toronto with other local ensembles Human Bodies, and Osooyos.

Band of the Month by Greg O’Toole

Band of the Month: Dusted

December’s Band of the Month is Toronto duo, Dusted.

With sweet, soaring lo-fi, elevated by lonely but hopeful vocal and synth melodies, Dusted is able to combine restful patience and momentum cohesively, throughout the movement of each song.
Dusted is a gentle audio journey to accompany the ensuing snowfalls of December and the winter months to follow.

Take a listen below!

Greg O’Toole

Band of the Month: LadyFace

Happy Friday!

Today’s Band of the Month is LadyFace. A charming, guitar driven Toronto four-piece, who’s hooks are dead set on having you singing them in your sleep. Chalk full of friendly, fist-in-the-air choral anthems and memorable melodies, LadyFace also exposes a softer side with sweet and sensitive ballads. LadyFace’s first album, When We Go!, is a perfect display of their dynamic ability and the power of a poignant refrain.

Check out the link below to hear some of their tunes, and see them on stage tomorrow at the El Mocambo with Bonwit Teller and SCISSORKICK.

BOTM by Greg O’Toole

Band of the Month: Craig Brown

Happy Friday, readers.
After a two month hiatus, Band of the Month is back!

Today’s band is Craig Brown. A multi-instrumentalist and producer with a great gift of transforming life’s celebrations, insights, and reflection into song, both musically and lyrically.

Craig Brown has just released his sixth album, Hysteresis. Colourfully upbeat and joyously dynamic, Hysteresis is bouncing with progressive, yet accessible melodies from beginning to end. Seldom seen on stage, Craig’s time in the studio has proven hours well spent. Check out some tunes from his bandcamp below.

Band of the Month by Greg O’Toole

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