Taxes Don’t Need to be Taxing

Taxes stink, right?

Not according to a new Finnish organization: the Happy Taxpayers’ Association. The purpose of the organization is to help taxpayers to focus on all the good that their dollars are doing, rather than the obvious negatives. This doesn’t mean that they’re blithe about it; in an interview on CBC Radio, the founder stated that the group strives to be “happy and critical, rather than happy and stupid.”

Remember, taxes pay for things like roads, health care, public art, and my salary. Do you like these things? I think you do.

About Fono

David explores the internet in a way that most people don’t: he examines how other people interact with the internet. Currently he is pursuing his MA and has been published in quite a few scholarly journals. David thinks the internet can be used for good and/or evil, hoping that (like in the movies) good will be victorious in the end.

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