Why dont you tell someone to Flick Off!

Ever wondered what the current status of electricity in Ontario is right now? Its common knowledge that electricity is in short supply and conservation and managing demand are key to ensuring a reliable and inexpensive supply of electricity. But, to the public where, when, how, and why are questions that someone needs direct answers to, including me, in real time.

Although I can check on the IESO’s website to see what the projected electricity status is, this takes time and many people don’t have the time to check this website 2-5 times a day. Organizing this confusing mess is the Flick Off project that emails or text messages members who sign up with fun and unique messages on how and when to conserve electricity. Sign up and learn about energy and conservation while gaining information on the status of the electricity industry. Electricity prices rose to $2 per KWH this summer in Ontario while you pay 5 cents, the difference is covered by the tax payer.

Netmetering is coming to Ontario, so you might be paying the real market price soon. I’ve already told eveyone I know to Flick Off!

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Cameron works diligently in this academic and personal live to build capacity within communities and people towards the mutually inclusive goals of environmental sustainability and rewarding lifestyles. An avid supporter of education, Cameron believes in Thingsaregood.com as the “missing link” between alternative news and community involvement. Integrating his knowledge into writing, he pails in comparison to other writers in the humour dimension.

One thought on “Why dont you tell someone to Flick Off!

  1. I was just thinking today about this subject as I was looking at a nice view of downtown and realized that nearly every building had all of its lights on!

    I think its cool that this concept exists and I think finding new ways to educate people on how they can make a difference in their World (even one as simple as turning their lights off) is really important in this day and age of “everyone is too busy to care”

    I am now turning the idea lightbulb over my head off to conserve my mental energy.

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