Another Good Use for Beer

In Australia these days scientists and Foster’s beer producers are finding other ways to use beer, or what’s left of it.  The waste water from the beer has recently been used to make a fuel cell. 

“The fuel cell is essentially a battery in which bacteria consume water-soluble brewing waste such as sugar, starch and alcohol.”  The byproduct is clean water!

What will people discover next?

You can check out the story at the CBC.

The Red Scarf Project

I don’t know how many knitters are out there reading this site, but there was recent project that just wrapped up called “The Red Scarf Project.”  It was a project set up by the Orphan Foundation of America that asked volunteers to make various unisex scarves for parentless “college-bound youth.”  They received a lot of scarves and many different people participated including Lion’s Brand Wool, which sponsored a 5th grade class’s knitting needles and wool.

You can read about it at or

 In the end 15, 097 scarves were made.  So many that some are being kept for next year’s event.  They are planning to make the deadline earlier though.  It will likely be in September or October of 2007.

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