PaperNuts Provides a More Sustainable Packaging Solution

Anybody who’s ordered something online and got it shipped to them might notice how wasteful all that styrofoam packaging is, well a new company is offering a better solution. PaperNuts uses paper instead of styrofoam.

PaperNuts are the most sustainable packaging option on the planet — a solution that can be passed on down for generations, without harming the environment. By leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible you can rest assured you are doing your part for our future.

“When a retailer uses PaperNuts, they have taken care of their responsibility for shipping,” says MacRae. “They don’t have to worry about the packing material on the other end because it is biodegradable; just ship it and forget it! When customers open boxes that are packed with PaperNuts, they can toss them in the Blue Bin, or in their composter, or put them directly in their garden.”

PaperNuts website.

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