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Finally a gym that uses the energy expended by people working out to power electronics. We already know that working out is good for the mind. Now you can help your mind and body at a green gym.

The idea has serious potential for gyms nationwide, to provide both cost savings and environmental benefits. At the Green Microgym, the Team Dynamo and Spin Bikes can generate 0.750 kWh a piece. And Mr. Boesel is currently cooking up new gizmos to harness the power of elliptical trainers.

Some may feel that it is outlandish for a 2,800 square-foot gym to be fueled by manpower. Mr. Boesel doesn’t think so. He states, “It’s just going to move the human powered renewable energy technology to the next level. We’re going for 100 percent. I think at the beginning, we may be 20 to 25 percent.”

The gym is not the first worldwide to have dabbled in human power. In Hong Kong, there is a gym with gadgets connected to the weight machines, where athletes power up the gym with every lift. The Hong Kong gym’s patrons produce enough power to fill its batteries and keep the lights burning bright. Other companies are also seeking to exploit human based kinetic energy, such as M2E Power, which is debuting a human based iPod/cell phone recharger next year.

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  1. After training there is a window of opportunity to feed your muscles (approximately 30 minutes). Feed them with protein and mix and vary the types to provide different combinations, such as egg and tuna.

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