Solar Powered Trash

trash binBoston has got some new trash receptacles on their sidewalks that are solar powered trash compactors. It means that more trash can fit in a box without costing the city, the city might even be able to save money because the bins don’t need to be collected as much. This is a yet one more neat use of solar power.

“Developed by a Jamaica Plain inventor, they are powered by photoelectric panels, which supply power to motor-driven compactors inside. Workers extract neat, 40-pound trash bricks instead of trying to manhandle the messy contents of an overflowing can.”

Boston is not the first city to use this technology though. There are bins located in Vancouver; Cincinnati; Queens, N.Y.; Needham; Newton; and Worcester. What city is next?

A novel use of the sun, however, they still need some work as “some people downtown mistook them for mail drops or traffic-light switch boxes.”

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