Pearl Jam Jams Carbon Emissions

The band Pearl Jam are some environmental do-gooders! They are not only continuing their program of offsetting their carbon emissions from touring, they are expanding it!

“This year we expanded their program to encompass a broader range of clean air solutions. In addition to the Carbon Portfolio Strategy, we are working to offset carbon emissions from their 2006 US tour by using B100 – pure bio-diesel – in all production trucks and in our tour buses. B100 reduces emissions of carbon monoxide by approximately 50% and carbon dioxide by 78% on a net lifecycle basis. In contrast to fossil fuels, which release new carbon previously sequestered in the earth’s crust, the carbon in B100 emissions is recycled from carbon already present in the atmosphere.”

Pearl Jam does a lot of good for the environment and the world as a whole, you can find out more on their activism on their website.

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