Vote on ReBurbia Finalists

Dwell and Inahbitat have announced the finalists for ReBurbia! You can vote at their website for your favourite idea.

The submissions range from totally impossible to easy to implement to insanely practical.

I really like the AIRBIA idea because it looks slick and just imagine a city with dirigibles functioning similarly to commuter trains.


Election Day in Canada – Go Vote!

Yes, it ‘s finally here! All Things Are Good Canadian readers need to make sure they vote today. If you don’t know where exactly to vote check out It’s not a difficult task to vote since you don’t even need to be registered.

Remember that the most important thing you do today (if not this year) is to vote for the environment.

I Vote Toronto Wants New Torontonians to Vote

I Vote Toronto is all about getting people who live in Toronto to show their support for their city and democracy come voting day. I Vote Toronto wants to help people new to Toronto (and those unfamiliar with the Canadian electoral system) figure out how to vote. Canada’s federal election is happening on Oct. 14th and hopefully people will vote showing respect for each other and vote for a party that looks to help the people of Canada.

From their website:

I Vote Toronto is a coalition of individuals and organizations who believe in creating a more inclusive and representative city. Our coalition consists of community centres, settlement and integration services, social justice groups, employment agencies, environmental organizations and concerned residents from all areas of Toronto. While the coalition represents many different interests, we are united in our understanding that Toronto’s electoral process must reflect the makeup of its residents.

The I Vote Toronto campaign will engage communities all across Toronto, building awareness and providing the facts about immigration, integration, civic engagement and the health of our neighbourhoods. We will then make our case to provincial and municipal politicians, and urge them to update our voting laws, which currently leave hundreds of thousands of Torontonians without a voice.

Good Voting

A basic democracy needs people to vote at the very least. Recently two democracies that have been under question have actually defended the basic tenet of democracy. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), people were able to vote for the first time in forty years!

‘”I voted for the first time in my life!” shouted one man with excitement as he left the voting station’

In the United States, civil rights groups are celebrating the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The act protect minorities from racial discrimination in elections.

“The bipartisan support for the legislation underscores the recognition of and importance of equality for all citizens’ right to use the voting booth to elect officials who reflect their concerns. For, if liberty and equality are found chiefly in a democracy, as Aristotle said, then it is best attained when everyone shares in the government to the utmost.”

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