Canada: Go Vote!

Today is election day in Canada and it’s a chance for Canadians to bring change to who runs the country. The hopefully soon to be ousted government has based laws which the courts say “constitutes cruel and unusual treatment“. The Conservative party has got to go.

Here’s John Oliver’s take on the sad state of Canadian federal politics.

You want to make Canada a good place? Go vote for change!

Elections Canada

Rick Mercer Wants Canada to Vote

If you can vote in the Canadian election, you should.

Rick Mercer, who has a great reputation of mocking Canadian politicians, has called every Canadian to vote this coming election on Monday October 19th. For too long this country has suffered under climate change deniers and people’s who only care about not letting certain people work in the civil service because of their garb.

Tell everyone that you are voting and go participate in change this Monday. You can share that you are voting using Vote Nation, check out why:

Voting is contagious — we know this. If you tell your friends and family you’re voting, they’re more likely to vote too. Vote loud, vote proud. Let everyone know that you will be voting on October 19. Create an ‘I Will Vote’ profile pic.

Vote Nation

Ontario Votes

Hey people in Ontario, if you can vote you should vote!

Things Are Good supports anybody you want to vote for except the Tea Conservative Party. Vote for the Ontario you want to see, vote with hope and optimism. Vote for a party that will actually make the province a better place to live!

Green Party
Liberal Party
Ontario Conservative Party 😉

In addition to the links above Torontoist has great primers on issues in this election.

Canada: Go Vote!

For those of you who aren’t in Canada here’s some other good news (about solar panels).

If you live in Canada and can vote (see here for information on voting) then today is your day to shine. Now is your chance to tell the future leaders of Canada that you want a healthy country in every way possible from environmental to economical to physical health.

Previously on THings Are Good I mentioned Project Democracy and I encourage you again to check them out. Today is your day to get the worst Prime Minister (accompanied by his cronies) this nation has ever seen out of office!

Let’s all get out there so we can read about good news in Canadian politics again tomorrow!

Vote on ReBurbia Finalists

Dwell and Inahbitat have announced the finalists for ReBurbia! You can vote at their website for your favourite idea.

The submissions range from totally impossible to easy to implement to insanely practical.

I really like the AIRBIA idea because it looks slick and just imagine a city with dirigibles functioning similarly to commuter trains.


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