Insite Can Continue to Operate: Supreme Court

Insite is a safe injection site for drug users which has had proven health benefits for individuals and the community. Through their work Insite has been able to help many addicts stay safe and secure while consuming drugs, this is in stark contrast to doing drugs on the streets which is way more dangerous.

In the past, Insite had to defend itself against the British Columbia Supreme Court and won, and today Insite won in the Supreme Court of Canada. This is a blow to the anti-safety, anti-drug, pro-prison campaign of the ruling Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and will hopefully mark a turning point in how Canadians support drug addicts.

This is a huge victory for results-based and preventative health care and for people who are unfortunately addicted to drugs.

If Insite wasn’t allowed to operate it would prevent injection drug users from accessing the health services offered at the facility, threatening their health and their lives, the ruling said. Withdrawing the exemption would even undermine the purpose of the federal drug law, which includes public health and safety, the court said.

Health groups, including the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Public Health Association, also applauded the decision.

The Supreme Court said that if the health minister, currently Leona Aglukkaq, receives applications for more exemptions, she must continue to exercise her discretion and aim to strike a balance between Charter rights and protecting public health and safety.

Read more coverage and see the full court report at the CBC.

Remember don’t consume dangerous drugs!

Vancouver Safe Injection Site Survives

Vancouver’s Insite is the first safe injection site in North America. The project has been shown to reduce public drug use, needle sharing, littering, and increase addiction treatment. The Canadian government has been trying to shut it down recently, but in January, Insite won a court battle that recognized them as providing an “essential medical service.”

The B.C. Court of Appeal has dismissed a federal government appeal, which means InSite, the Vancouver supervised safe-injection site that was the first of its kind in Canada, will remain open.

The federal government is expected to appeal Friday’s split 2-1 ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson reacted by saying he strongly supports the ruling and the continued operation of InSite to improve the lives of drug addicts.

“With this second consecutive decision in favour of InSite, I hope the federal government will drop its legal efforts so that we can go back to focusing on InSite for what it is — a harm reduction facility that saves lives and improves health outcomes for those living with addictions,” the mayor said in a statement.

Read the whole article at the Vancouver Sun

ArtCamp Vancouver

Here in Vancouver they got themselves a pretty groovy idea called ArtCamp
based off of other “unconferences”. An unconference is a conference that is organized by the participants and this proves to be no exception (well, if we ignore the funding they’re getting).

From their wiki’s About page:

ArtCamp 07 follows on ArtCamp 06 ArtCamp06, the World’s First Un-Conference on Art, was a groundbreaking day-long event co-produced by New Forms Festival and Upgrade! Vancouver in September, 2006, which was attended by over a hundred artists, designers, programmers, critics, theorists, curators and practitioners from all fields who presented over 30 workshops, talks and hybrid events throughout a single inspiration-filled day.

By the way, I’m sorry about the irregular posting while I’m in Vancouver. If you’re in Vancouver you should come out to Manhunt Vancouver tonight to get inspired for ArtCamp!

Turn Dead Space into Living Space

from g-skyAt least that is what G-Sky wants to do. They are a Vancouver-based company that creates living, breathing roofs and walls.

If you have ever wondered what the big deal about green roofs or biowalls, they have provided a great overview to get you wanting green.

Filly Wear

horseyMost people who think of horseback riding visualize the rich, wearing pants with ridiculously huge hip width.  Vancouver clothing line Miss Filly is trying to turn that idea on its head.  The clothes collection is not only fashionable, it also tries to help women and girls live a fulfillled life.

Miss Filly designer Heather O’Hara grew up with horses, despite not being rich.  O’Hara believes in the powerful bond between women and horses, and this is reflected in her clothing line.  Miss Filly includes shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, toques, and panties.  Designs include lassos, hay bales, and the trademark Miss Filly ponies.

The clothing line has worked with organizations such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, by contributing to fundraisers and riding scholarship programs.  O’Hara hopes to start a Miss Filly Foundation for inner-city girls and women at risk.  Clothing can be viewed on-line at the Miss Filly website.

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