Island to be Sustainably Powered

The Spanish government has announced that one of the Canary Islands is going to have all of its energy generated in a sustainable way.

El Hierro will rely on a combination of hydroelectricity and wind power to generate its electricity. “El Hierro will be the first island in the world totally supplied by renewable energy,” the ministry said. The technology associated with this task includes a system involving two reservoirs to power hydroelectric stations, a wind farm and a pumping system.

Madrid Fashion Week Projects Image of Health & Beauty

Its Fashion week in Madrid, but many of the models will be heading home rather than down the catwalk as organizers say they are too thin.

Although it provoked outrage in the modeling community, regional government organizes and sponsors of this international event say this year they want to portray an image of health and beauty rather than Heroine Chic. Organizers say they have a responsibility to project healthy body images and fear that waif-like models may negatively influence young girls. Said event organizer Concha Guerra: “Fashion is a mirror and many teenagers imitate what they see on the catwalk.”

Models are measured using the Body Mass Index, taking into account height and body type. Organizers of a similar event in Italy have vowed to continue the trend.

Carla also wrote in to tell us the fashion show was also mentioned on the CBC.

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