Gravity Defying Homes

People like living in shelter and in this modern world we can create some really bizzare shelters. Some website has collected 15 truly crazy house designs. I want to live in all of these 😉

The photo above is from this house:

Mushroom House (Cincinnati, Ohio)
So disparate in materials and shapes this hodgepodge house looks like its been welded and glued together. But this is no hobo-construction, it was designed by the professor of architecture and interior design at the University of Cincinnati, Terry Brown, and was recently on the market for an estimated $400K.

Living Like a Hobbit

Simon Dale built his house with little knowledge of how to actually build a house because he thinks that his house is closer to nature. It is.

The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is a lot of fun and allows you to create and enjoy something which is part of yourself and the land rather than, at worst, a mass produced box designed for maximum profit and convenience of the construction industry. Building from natural materials does away with producers profits and the cocktail of carcinogenic poisons that fill most modern buildings.

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