Gold in the Landfill

tyresBusiness Week is running a great article on innovative green entrepreneurs. The article is appropriately titled From Garbage to Gold, and is an easy read to make your weekend good.

“For a slew of new entrepreneurs, garbage is not just a matter of personal opinion, it is, ahem, their business. In other words, they’re creating new companies out of other people’s junk.

Reich says he is looking to broaden his product line and expand his distribution channels. “After we started the company, I didn’t see a lot of other recycling [products],” he says. “I’ve learned quite a bit about companies taking similar innovative approaches to product design. It’s a niche now, but it’s a growing field. People are becoming more aware of what products are made of and where they go after they are done owning them.””

Investing in Green Companies = Profit

windmillCompanies that address global warming head-on is where you should put your money. Green companies in the KLD Global Climate 100 Index outperformed the market by almost 5 percentage points!

It’s easier than ever to put your money where your beliefs are.

“This past July marks the first birthday of KLD’s Global Climate 100 Index, which lists 100 global companies that are committed to positively influencing climate change.

The diverse index is made up of companies varying drastically in size that focus on issues of renewable energy, “future” fuel, or clean technology and efficiency. “

Workout to be More Successful?

Apparently in order to become a successful entrepreneur you need to workout. Conveniently there is a list of five reasons why entrepreneur should workout:

1. Confidence
2. Productivity
3. Growth
4. Networking
5. Health

I actually think that everyone should workout for these same five reason just for the sake of it. Although, the networking one seems kinda random.

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