Facebook for Justice

Wal-Mart, the king of conspicuous consumption, has tried to open a group on Facebook only to find that people are well aware of the bad things Wal-Mart does. The good part of this story is that Wal-Mart is getting told by people what they actually think, and Wal-Mart’s being encouraged to take the battering.

I like seeing people use a social networking tool to argue against a corporation with a poor track record on nearly everything.

Bloggers to Change World, Plan to Celebrate Victory

take actionBloggers have been gaining more respectability throughout the years as they become major players in shaping public opinion. If you don’t beliuveme that bloggers can change the world, just read this blog entry. October 15th will be the day of action for bloggers, you can get involved yourself.

Blog Action Day, is just one vehicle for that change, but it is a powerful concept: thousands of bloggers unite, for just one day, to talk about one issue. Will that change the world, just one day? Not immediately, but it in effect unites the blogging community. And once the community begins to unite, anything is possible.

Sicko Inspires Audience to Fight Injustices

After watching Sicko, an entire audience broke into conversation and grouped together to make their country better. If that’s not good enough, get this – it happened in Texas!

The talk gradually centered around a core of 10 or 12 strangers in a cluster while the rest of us stood around them listening intently to this thing that seemed to be happening out of nowhere. The black gentleman engaged by my redneck in the restroom shouted for everyone’s attention. The conversation stopped instantly as all eyes in this group of 30 or 40 people were now on him. “If we just see this and do nothing about it,” he said, “then what’s the point? Something has to change.” There was silence, then the redneck’s wife started calling for email addresses. Suddenly everyone was scribbling down everyone else’s email, promising to get together and do something… though no one seemed to know quite what.

Via boingboing.

Greener Apple, Nokia Greenest

from Greenpeace
Greenpeace has released their fourth Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics. Apple has been working kinda hard to improve their previously dismal rating, whereas Nokia continues to hover in the top two places. You can see how all the companies rank.

The electronics ranking guide has been our answer to getting the electronics industry to face up to the problem of e-waste. We want manufacturers to take responsibility for the unprotected child labourers who scavenge the mountains of cast-off gadgets created by our gizmo-loving ways.

We’ve been happily surprised at how quickly many corporations have risen to the competitive challenge. It’s especially rewarding to see more than a few CEOs openly vying for the top green spot, and challenging their competitors to adopt industry-wide policies to reduce the problem of e-waste.

I need to get a new cellphone this week because my Motorola (ranked 6th) died, thanks to Greenpeace I know I should get a Nokia.

Fatworld is a Socially Aware and Awkward Video Game

fattyIan Bogost makes games, but not just any game – he makes games that try to raise awareness about how messed up North American society is. His next game is called Fatworld and Wired has the info on this impending game of fatness.

Remember you are what you eat, not what you play.

In his latest, Fatworld, players navigate a consumer paradise (A), rule their own empire of restaurants and convenience stores (B), and enjoy food allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and death (C).

You can play his early game Airport Security to get a taste of what kind of social commentary to expect.